Frequently asked questions

Who is Welcome?

Everyone is welcome at Crossroads no matter what you have done or how far you are from God. We gather each week to learn more about God as we look at His Word. We are a group of imperfect people who are in-process. We were born sinful, but God sent his son Jesus to die for our sin, that anyone who believes in Him would not be condemned but have eternal life.

What do I Wear?

You are welcome to come as you are or dress up if you want. Most of us are pretty casual.

What does a Typical Sunday Morning Look Like?

Park in the lot, walk into our doors past our greeters, you can check your kids into our children’s ministries (see Family Ministry page for more information). We have an electronic check in system for security purposes and great children’s ministry for your kids or grandkids to learn about God. You can grab a cup of Caribou coffee and head into our Worship Center. Our service will begin with 3-4 very contemporary songs that you are welcome to sing along or just listen, then we will have a 30-35-minute message. In the service there is a time of receiving the offering but is just for those who desire to give.

What is Available for my Kids?

Promiseland (ages birth to Kindergarten) - Sundays at 9am or 10:30am Fusion (grades 1st to 5th) - Sundays at 9am or 10:30am Elevate (grades 6th to 8th) - Sundays at 10:30am Axis (grades 9th to 12th) - Wednesdays at 7:00pm See our Family Ministry page for more info.

What if I Have an Infant?

You are welcome to have your infant check in to our nursery. You are also welcome to keep your baby in the service or use our “cry room” with comfortable chairs and a live feed to the worship service.


Evangelical Free Church of America (E-Free for short). It’s a group of 1,500 autonomous churches that gather around a list of core beliefs. Check out our Who We Are page for more information.


Communion is something that Jesus instituted at the last Supper, the night before he was arrested. Jesus used the cup and the bread to signify His blood that would be shed and His body that would be broken for us. We are instructed by Him to continue to take the elements when we gather together until He returns (1 Cor. 11:26). Taking the elements reminds us of what He did for us as he laid down His life so that we could receive eternal life. Here at Crossroads, we observe the Lord’s Supper the last Sunday of each month.

Child Dedication?

We do not perform infant baptisms at Crossroads. We aren’t against them, we just do not see them prescribed or preformed in the Bible. Instead, we dedicate our children to the Lord as Jesus was (Luke 2:23). For Child Dedications, parents bring their child in front of the congregation and dedicate themselves to raise the child up in a manner, that, Lord willing, the child will one day make a decision (for themselves) to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. The gathered Church, in turn, dedicates itself to provide a place and ministry to assist the parents in raising their child to follow Jesus.


You are not required to be a member to attend Crossroads or benefit from the ministries of Crossroads (including Children’s Ministry). Membership is for those who desire to move from an attender to an owner and commit themselves to faithfully attending, giving and serving at Crossroads. To become a member, candidates must attend membership class, fill out a membership application, go through a membership interview and be approved by the Board. Membership classes are offered in the Spring and Fall. Crossroads members have the responsibility and authority to call a full-time pastor, ratify elders and Board members, approve the annual budget, approve the sale, mortgage or purchase of real property and change the Constitution and Bylaws.


We perform weddings for attenders and members. All who are married at Crossroads or by a Crossroads Pastor are required to complete 12 hours of marriage counseling and sign the Crossroads Wedding Covenant. Our Pastors only perform “Christian” weddings and we reserve the right to refuse to marry any couple we do not feel comfortable marrying.